SK2 Tech Solutions :-)

  SK2 Tech Solutions consists of the following 10 divisions:

     SK2 Technology        SK2 Electronics       SK2 Computers        SK2 Energy       SK2 Audio
 SK2 Technology    SK2 Electronics    SK2 Computers    SK2 Energy    SK2 Audio
 SK2 Engineering    SK2 Electrical    SK2 Transport    SK2 Solar    SK2 HiFi
   SK2 Engineering        SK2 Electrical     SK2 Transport       SK2 Solar     SK2 HiFi

  SK2 - Products & Services that make life eaiser & better :-)

  What we do:

      SK2 does the following types of work:
          • Engineering (design, development, manufacturing, consulting, managing).
          • Servicing (repair, maintenance, check-ups, upgrades).
          • Testing (for servicing, manufacture, or technical reports).
          • Modifications (improvements to existing equipment or systems).
          • Sale of products (we sell quality products, our own designs & those of others).
          • Purchase of products (we purchase quality products, for our own use & to sell to others).

  SK2 solves problems

      SK2 provides good solutions to almost any problem of any type.
      Total solutions. Practical solutions.
      Economical solutions. Efficient solutions.
      Socially conscious solutions / Socially responsible solutions.

      We are passionate about making your life easier & better!

      SK2 uses technology, common-sense, & big-picture wisdom to solve your problems,
      Only when appropriate do we use technology to solve your problem;
      often we can solve your problem without using technology.
      We are practical, pragmatic, efficient, & realistic.

      Whatever our chosen solution is, be assured that it is the best solution that we can provide,
      with the sincere aim of increasing your enjoyment & appreciation of life :-)

      We truly can make your life easier & better! :-)

  What makes SK2 unique ?

  There are a few reasons why we are unique.

     • Many areas of technical knowledge, skills, & practical experience.
        Very few, perhaps no other organisations have this breadth.
        SK2 consists of the 10 divisions of:
              Technology, Electronics, Computers, Energy, Audio,
              Engineering, Electrical, Transport, Solar, HiFi.

     • We also have many other essential areas of knowledge, skills, & practical experience:
            • Health considerations (including the harmful effects of some products).
            • Environment considerations (we minimise pollution, and we reduce reuse recycle).
            • Long-term considerations (we look at the big picture, providing quality & reliability).
            • Market knowledge (useful if you want us to design or help sell a product).
            • Consumer-behaviour knowledge (useful if you want us to design or help sell a product).
            • Human factors knowledge (useful for the design/development or modification of products).
            • People skills :-)  (We can usually get along with others).

     • We care about people. We truly do.
        One of SK2's core philosophies & practices is to
        treat all other persons the way that we ourselves want to be treated.
        This means that:
           • SK2 will not intentionally harm you, nor will we intentionally profit at your expense.
           • SK2 knows that helping you to prosper will ultimately increase the chances of ourselves
              Win-win results are what we want!
           • SK2 will do its best to treat you well, in all respects, technically, financially, & socially.

  It is this unique wide spread of knowledge, skills, practical experience, and practice that allows
  us to provide you with unique & good solutions, full solutions, big-picture solutions,
  & truly practical solutions.

  We're not perfect, but we try hard to be good at what we do, which is to please you :-)

  SK2's Personnel

  SK2 Tech Solutions has individuals who are truly worth of the title
  engineer, technician, installer, technical consultant, designer, inventor, innovator.

  If you need a technical person who is truly good at what they do,
  but is also creative & has good people-skills & can communicate well,
  then SK2 Tech Solutions can provide you with such a person who is truly worthy of such a title.

  If you have the need for a quality & reliable salesperson, sales consultant, or a sales engineer
  who truly knows about technical things & is well conversant with such,
  then SK2 Tech Solutions can provide you with someone who can perform well.

  Where we are:

  SK2 Tech Solutions is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  Most of our work is done in Christchurch,
  which is where our Head Office is located.

  We do work occasionally in Dunedin, Auckland,
  and elsewhere in New Zealand.

  If needed, we're able to travel to where-ever you are,
  anywhere in New Zealand (or any country, if the job is big enough).

  With email, phone, fax, & snail-mail, we should be able to
  communicate adequately where-ever you're located.

  Head Office:   SK2,
  48 Epsom Road,
  Christchurch 8004,
  New Zealand.
  Head Office:   (This is our brick-and-mortar physical address & our mailing address.)

  Contact us:

  Feel free to contact us :-)

       Email:   Product or service information   Business or contract or employment enquiries   Technical enquiries

       Phone: International:  +64 3 942 3805
        New Zealand:  03 942 3805
        Christchurch:  942 3805
       Fax: International:  +64 3 942 3815
        New Zealand:  03 942 3815
        Christchurch:  942 3815

       Address:   Head Office:   SK2,
          48 Epsom Road,
          Christchurch 8004,
          New Zealand.
       Address:   Head Office: (This is our brick-and-mortar physical address & our mailing address.)

  More about our products & services:

  SK2 Technology:
            Engineering, electronics, computers, transport, energy.
            Industrial or consumer or personal "one-off" products or projects.

  SK2 Engineering:
            Electronic, electrical, mechanical, transport, energy, power.
            Industrial or consumer or personal "one-off" products or projects.

  SK2 Electronics:
            Design, custom built equipment, modifications, repair, problem solving.
            Industrial or consumer or personal "one-off" products or projects.

  SK2 Electrical:
            • Installations, modifications / alterations, testing, repairs.
            • Specialty areas include:
                • Integration with other devices or systems.
                • Computer interfacing or control.
                • Electronic interfacing or control or integration.
                • Other appliances or devices considered
                  (to prevent undesirable interaction with the device or system that we're working on).
                  (eg minimising tv or radio or computer EFI or RFI interference).
                • Audio or sound considerations (noise pollution, vibrations, etc)
                • Health considerations (eg EMR radiation, EMF fields, ESF fields).
                • We have more knowledge & skills than most electricians or electrical contracting
                     (No offence intended to any electricians or electrical contracting companies.
                     But it is true that SK2 can do things better & we can do more things than
                     most others, because we have the collective knowledge & skills of
                     experienced & practical university qualified electronic engineers
                     & electronic technicians).
                     (Also we have a working knowledge of physics, human biology, & human health.)

  SK2 Computers:
            Problem solving, speed-up, security, backups, updating, tutoring.
            A single computer or a computer network.
            Home computer or a business computer network.
            Internet, web, email.
            Viruses, spyware.
            Security of your computer & your data.
            Backup of your essential data.
            Speed up your computer.
            Crashing? - we can make your computer more reliable.
            Free advice, free quotes, pickup & delivery - Contact us.

  SK2 Transport:
            Clean, quiet, pollution free or low pollution.
            Low or no impact to the environment & to people.
            Safety is also one of our concerns.
            Private or public transport machines & systems.
            See also SK2 Energy (immediately below).

  SK2 Energy:
            Clean, quiet, pollution free or low pollution,
            Low or no harm to the environment & people.
            "Natural" & "alternative", mechanical or electrical.
            Including: solar, wind, hydro, wave,
                             hydrogen, water, ethanol, methanol, bio-diesel, LPG, & other clean fuels.

  SK2 Solar:
           Solar panels, solar collectors, solar systems, & solar system components.
           PV (electricity generation) or SHW (Solar Hot Water heating) / SWH (Solar Water Heating).
           Brand-new installations or retro-fits (fitting to an existing building).
           Domestic or commercial.

           SK2 Solar Hot Water systems:
                • Free hot water, literally.
                • Fast payback (4 to 8 years), with our systems.
                • Hot water even during cloudy days & during winter (100% solar, if required).
                • Hot water for any use, including bathroom, kitchen, & laundry.
                • Also economical for swimming pools, spa pools,
                       underfloor heating, & radiator space heating.
                • We provide only the best quality solar hot water equipment;
                    • Our collectors, pumps, controllers, valves, & all other plumbing components
                       are reliable & economical,
                    • Spare parts are available (in the unlikely event that you should need to
                       replace a faulty or broken component).
                • We fit to new buildings (fit to a place that's being constructed)
                   & we also retrofit (fit to existing buildings).
                • We also repair, provide spare parts for, & improve solar water heating systems
                   of other brands, old or new.
                • We have registered plumbers who do the work; we ain't cowboys!
                • Free advice, free quotes - Contact us.
                • Request a brochure about SK2 Solar Hotwater Systems - Contact us.

  SK2 HiFi:
          • We deal with all types of hi-fi equipment.
                 • Budget or high-end.
                 • Hi-Fi components, Mini systems, Stereos.
                 • We repair, modify, & custom-build.
                           Free advice, free quotes, pickup & delivery - Contact us.
                 • Hi-Fi components that we deal with include:
                         • speakers (loudspeakers, quietspeakers) (passive & active), headphones
                         • amplifiers (power amps, pre amps, integrated amps)
                         • CD players, DVD players, LD (laserdisc) players, CD-G (karaoke CD) players
                         • tape decks (cassette, reel-to-reel, digital)
                         • record players (LP decks / turntables)
                         • cables & connectors
                         • various accessories
                 • We also work on mini systems, micro systems, in fact any type of stereo.
          • Clear, clean, & pleasant sound is what SK2 achieves.
          • If you enjoy listening to music,
             (including those of you who consider yourself to be an audiophile),
             SK2 HiFi can help you to better appreciate your music,
             by making it sound clearer & more pleasant :-)
          • If you're a musician who wants your music or voice to
             sound as clear & pleasant as possible,
             SK2 HiFi can help you to achieve this.
          • One of our passions is to produce sound that is clear & pleasurable to listen to,
             while remaining true to the original sound - THIS is true hi-fi !
             (The term "hi-fi" is a contraction of "high-fidelity", which means high-accuracy.)
             (Unfortunately this term "hi-fi" is misused these days,
             being applied to what is really "mid-fi" or "lo-fi" equipment.)
             SK2 is passionate about true hi-fi sound !
          • Enquire about our Ultra-HiFi range of modifications & custom-built equipment -
             we believe you'll be pleased with the sound you'll get :-)
          • You're welcome to come to listen to our hi-fi equipment;
             Contact us to arrange a suitable time.
             You've possibly never before heard a 2-channel stereo system sound so good! :-)
             Bring your own music, & be prepared to hear beauty & detail in the music that'll
             suprise & please you :-)

  SK2 Audio:
         • We can provide any or all of the following for almost any audio project of yours:
                 • Recording advice or assistance (professional or amateur recordings, of music or voice)
                 • Playback advice or assistance (playback of music or voice via an electronic sound system)
                 • Acute hearing, to detect distortions or imperfections in your recording or playback
                 • Acoustics knowledge & skills, to solve acoustics-related problems, or to improve sound quality.
          • Why should you use SK2 Audio ?  Because we have the following:
                 • The ability to provide you with clear, clean, & pleasant sound.
                 • Good ears :-)  (Expert listeners with good hearing & good judges of sound quality)
                 • Technical know-how (recording, playback, electrical problems, interference problems).
                 • Practical experience (recording, playback, acoustics, achieving a desired sound).
                 • Equipment (we can provide you with the gear that you need)
                                      (& we won't sell you anything that you don't need)
                 • Modifications to your existing equipment (eg change recording levels, different connections,
                                           better sound quality, more or different features, operation in difficult environments)
                 • Repairs to your existing equipment
                 • Free advice, free quotes, pickup & delivery - Contact us.

  Employment opportunities:

  Contact SK2 if you want to discuss with us an opportunity of
  employment or contracting.

  SK2 is interested in you if you are PASSIONATE about what you do.
  "Find a job that you love to do, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
  SK2 urges you to earn a living by doing something that you BELIEVE in,
  doing something that you believe is GOOD !

  Currently SK2 requires staff or contractors to perform the following roles:

      Engineers (electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, other types also).
      Technicians (service, repair, maintenance, test, quality control).
      Installers (audio, electrical, mechanical, plumbing).
      Salespersons (males & females).
      Importers, exporters. distributors.
      Retailers (brick-&-mortar shops, e-tailers).
      Consultants (various fields).
      Designers, inventors, innovators.
      Manufacturers (especially for small-runs, low-quantities).
      Managers (business managers, project managers).

  Part-time or full-time.

  Experience is preferred, but if you have natural abilities,
  we will seriously consider you.

  If you're truly worthy of the title "engineer", "technician", "installer",
  "salesperson", "consultant", "designer", "inventor", "innovator", &/or "manager",
  then we can make good use of your knowledge & skills, & you shall be well rewarded.

  Likewise, if you're a good retailer, manufacturer, importer, exporter, or distributor,
  then we can make good use of your services & contacts, & we shall reward you well.

  Enquire with us if you think that you might be suitable.

  Current vacancies:

      Currently we have vacancies for all of the above positions,
      because we're currently expanding.  It's an exciting time for us ! :-)
      We have many projects happening right now, and many others that are waiting to start.
      Either employment (full or part time), or contract work.

      Currently we are especially looking for:

          Electricians (liscensed/registered)
            For installations, repairs, & alterations of various types.
            Contract work, possibly full-time eventually.

          Plumbers (registered or crafstman)
            For our solar hot water installations.
            Contract work, possibly full-time eventually.

      Enquire with us if you think that you might be suitable.

  Business opportunities:

  Contact us if you want to discuss with us a business opportunity.

  For example:

      Product design & development
      Distribution or retail of products
      Importing or exporting of products
      After-sales service of products
      Contract work (either way)

  We're keen to read your enquiry or proposal.

  SK2 Tech Solutions, Chch, New Zealand.   Helping to make life easier & better :-)

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